Life at Sequantix-Careers

Join us to create an impact in the AI and Data world


When you get in touch with our team, you get in touch with a team that fosters innovation. We are a young term of innovators & Dreamers and we are looking for people who could fit in to this. Do you have the passion to run your own business, take accountability and believe in team work, then this place is for you.

We don’t believe in supervision and rules, but only expect people to be accountable an passionate. We believe that an organization grows along with their employee and this is a key success which mutually binds both together. Periodic learning sessions, idea sharing forums, and collaborative work environment helps one to grow exponentially. Apart from work, Sequantix, also hosts a lot of activities for showcase their talent, hitting perfect balance between work and fun.

We need people like you !

Who are always hungry ?

for Knowledge

We love people who have a knack of learning new things and implementing them as they learn. There is an ocean of things to learn and people who learn continuously are the ones who grow exponentially.

Who fail ?

only to learn from it

Failure is a sign that you either tried something for the first time or did it in a different way that usual. In this process, you will either Win or Learn.

Who loves Speed ?

and accuracy

Your ability to deliver results with high accuracy at a high speed will make you a perfect Exponent.

Who can lead

with integrity

Leadership demands truthfulness and honesty. Be it leading yourself or leading your team, integrity is one of the top attributes that we look for.

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