Analytics & Insights

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One of the biggest challenges most of the company are facing how they leverage the data that is generated internally or externally. There are several reasons this problem exists where one of them is the legacy they have. Applications had been written long back and it was fine tune to the requirements at that time. These applications were not developed with the intention that the data will be needed in future to get the broader prospective. Today the time has changed, these organizations have grown too much and just alone running a report on that application will not be good enough and organization needs a broader prospective which requires to combine all the data and get a better insight.

We don’t just help customer in building migration strategy but also guide them how to modernize the application so that it meets the current and future requirements. With app and data modernization, we have observed customer has a better control on the data and this helps them in taking effective decisions at much faster pace.

The days have gone where there were very limited options to develop an application and store into a database. With too many options in the market we act like an advisory to our customers to suggest the best option which is cost effective at the same time easily manageable.

There is growing recognition that businesses today need to be increasingly ‘data driven’ in order to succeed. Those businesses that can best utilize data are the ones that can better serve their customers, out-compete their competitors and increase their operational efficiency. However, to be data driven, you need to be able to access, manage, distribute and analyse all of your available data while it is still valuable; and to understand and harness new potential data sources.

BI Modernization

Business Intelligence (BI) has evolved through a long way. Enterprises have been leveraging analytics to derive insights and to make decisions for ages. In the modern world, the data, the tools and the analytics that are needed to support the business on decision making are continuously evolving. This leaves the business to re-imagine their analytics platform and that demands the IT to find new ways of building solutions. This white paper talks about Embedded Analytics that enterprises can build modern, future-proof analytics solutions.

Many companies have had BI and data warehousing installations for years, designed and created with traditional tools and approaches. At this point the results they deliver are mixed. Perhaps they can’t handle the unstructured nature of big data, or aren’t tapping into the new cloud-based applications the company is now using. Business people aren’t getting all the data they need for their analysis, and what they do have is difficult to work with.

There’s an opportunity to increase the ROI of their BI solution by modernizing it with new concepts and best practices and ensure they’re no longer being left behind.

A BI and data warehousing modernization effort might include:
Incorporating self-service BI and analytics
Adding an analytical sandbox
Adding a data science lab (hub)
Leveraging unstructured (big) data with the data warehouse
Leveraging data from cloud applications such as Salesforce, Marketo and Concur
Creating a logical data warehouse
Using data virtualization techniques
Replacing data shadow systems